25 July 2017

And...what is Emily excited about now? GedTree.com

For anyone who has taken an autosomal DNA test at any company or who just has a pedigree chart of any sort, you must check into GedTree.com.  

A genetic genealogist friend, Blaine Bettinger who created the wonderful fan charts for the X-chromosome that GedTree uses posted a blurb on Facebook where I immediately requested my chart to be printed.  

Female X-chromosome Fan chart, courtesy of Blaine Bettinger

Male X-chromosome Fan chart, courtesy of Blaine Bettinger

The company provides many charts for genealogists that you can purchase, and there are two FREE ones which include highlighted portions for the X chromosome lineage, one for females and one for males.  However, there are many other wonderful charts you can purchase which would make great gifts for members of your family.

I had problems with ordering and printing my chart last night as my gedcom is too large (90,000 plus people).  Jon from the company emailed me after I contacted the company last night, and by this morning, the problem fixed on their end.  I now have a beautiful chart, printed with birth and death dates for eight generations and the highlighted lineage for my X from my mom and dad as found in Blaine Betinger’s chart.  It's a very nice fan chart, and I can determine the title.  I've never had a company reply to my request for help so quickly, and solve the problem.

BTW, they do not keep credit card info and only keep your gedcom on their secure server until they know your product has arrived.  Then it is dumped.

Check it out!  Gedtree.com


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