03 August 2016

Family Tree DNA's Sizzling HOT Summer Sale!!!


Along with the summer heat in Houston, the home office of Family Tree DNA, the Sizzlin’ Summer Sale starting, and it is HOT, HOT, HOT.

The focus is on bundles that include
·       ..........Family Finder: Y37 + Family Finder
·       ..........Y67 + Family Finder
·       ..........FMS + Family Finder
·      ..........Comprehensive Genome (FF+Y67+FMS).

But wait - there’s more!

The Family Finder (an autosomal test) is ridiculously low!


AND, also…Bennett Greenspan, founder and President of FTDNA is not giving us an end date for this sale. It could last a few days or a few weeks - we don’t know and he’s not telling!

So take advantage of these great prices while they’re hot, Hot HOT!

Product                                                       Retail Price     Sale Price     Group Price
Family Finder                                                    $99               $69               $69
Y37 + Family Finder                                       $268             $228             $218
Y67 + Family Finder                                       $367             $327             $317
Comprehensive Genome (FF+Y67+FMS)    $566             $499             $489
FMS + Family Finder                                      $298             $258             $258

**Please note - these bundles must remain bundles. If you buy at the sale price for future use, the entire bundle must be used on one tester. Canceling tests from the bundle will cause tests to revert to regular price. **

SO...jump into the gene pool for this Sizzlin' Summer Sale!

 Enjoy...see you on my matches page!