14 November 2016

 Family Tree DNA’s Holiday Sale is HERE!

Not only will testers get weekly coupon savings, common to the two previous years, but this year you can send those coupons to friends and family.

The Family Finder test is an autosomal test that provides matches with relatives within at least 5 generations of your pedigree chart (some times more if your line is endogamous) and with this you get your ethnic percentages.
The test is regularly $79, but on sale for the Holiday Season for $59

The Y-chromosome 37 markers test is bundled with the Family Finder test.  The Y-37 tests 37 markers on the Y-chromosome (all-male line) and only males can take this bundled test.

The regular price is $248, but on sale for $188

Male-specific bundle with all the bells and whistles! Family Finder plus our 67 marker Y-DNA test.  The regular price is $347, now on sale for $278.

The mtFull Sequence tests then entire mitochondria and can be take by both males and females to get matches on their all-female line (mother’s mother’s mother’s, etc)

The test is regularly $278, but on sale for $228.

More individual Y-chromosome tests on sale:
Y-37 was $169                        Now $139
Y-67 was $268                        Now $229
Y-111 was $359                      Now $319

More mitochondrial tests
HVR1+HVR2 (not on sale) $79
mtFull Sequence (entire mtDNA) was $179              now $79

Comprehensive Genome Test which includes:
Family Finder, plus a male specific Y-chromosome test and a Full Mitochondrial Sequence
The most comprehensive and highest resolution mtDNA test. Results identify the ethnic and geographic origin of the maternal and paternal lines.

Was $546                    now $457

Do test...I want to see if we are cousins!!!