05 May 2013

SoCal's Jamboree Begins with DNA DAY June 6, 2013

Family History and DNA: Genetic Genealogy in 2013
June 6, 2013 – 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport
2500 Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA 91505

This year Jamboree, sponsored by the Southern California Genealogical Socieety, begins with a full day of DNA presentations from some very notable speakers, including Dr. Spence Wells of he National Genographic Project, Dr. Henry Louis Gates, representatives from Family Tree DNA, 23andMe, and AncestryDNA as well as many well-known speakers in the field of genetic genealogy. AND me!

The sessions range from beginning levels to the more advanced topics. Learn all about how DNA testing can help your genealogy in finding cousins with whom you can research or discover more information on your lineage, in proving or disproving your paper trail, in determining if those with your surname are related to you, and in helping you break through genealogy brick walls.  DNA is the most accurate tool we have as genealogists.  See what it can do for you!

Never before has there been an all-day conference of this magnitude on genetic genealogy open to the public.  You won't want to miss it!

Check out the other days of Jamboree, June 7-9!

Speakers and Topics:
The speakers and topics are all found on the Jamboree website on the DNA Day page:

(The downloadable schedule is being updated and will be available soon.)

Through Tuesday, May 7, 2013 (Extended Early Bird Deadline)
SCGS Members: $175
Non-Members $195

May 8 through Friday, May 24
SCGS Members: $200
Non-Members $220

Henry Louis Gates Luncheon (extra payment required)
Attendee: $20
Guest accompanying attendee: $60

Reservations can be made online at http://www.scgsgenealogy.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=71
Payments may be made by phone at 818.843.7247 (closed Mondays) with Visa or MasterCard

Southern California Genealogy Jamboree
Southern California Genealogical Society
417 Irving Drive
Burbank, CA 91504

See you there!
5 Mary 2013

02 May 2013

FTDNA Prices Temporarily Reduced

After posting a sale for DNA Day and extending it, Family Tree DNA has decided to reduce their prices temporarily.  Always wonderful!  Read on for the details!


Dear Group Administrators, 
With the end of the DNA Day promotion, we (Bennett and Max), considered how to continue offering the best prices, yet keep control in the lab to avoid delays from high volume. Since demand is directly related to prices, we decided to implement a temporary price rollback whenever lab capacity allows us to do so.
Despite an extremely successful sale, we believe that with our increased lab capacity, we are able to continue offering reduced prices on several tests. While the prices are not as low as they were for the DNA Day promotion, you will notice that these temporary reductions are extremely attractive, and should be a real incentive to anyone that did not take advantage of the sale to order now, while the prices are reduced. With this system in place, prices may go up on different tests at any time based on lab volume. 

Additionally, on April 1st when we permanently reduced the price of the Y-DNA12 to $49, we mentioned that our R&D team was working towards a price reduction for the equivalent mtDNA basic test. Good news! Not only did we manage to achieve this goal, but we did it for the mtDNAPlus test that covers both HVR1 and HVR2. Therefore, we're discontinuing the HVR1-only test. Our basic mtDNA test will now be the mtDNAPlus (HVR1+2) at the $49 price point! We hope that with the basic Y-DNA and mtDNA tests very reasonably priced, a whole new group of people will be tempted to begin their own DNA experience and increase the size of your projects! 

You are welcome to spread the news, and as always, we thank you for your continued support.
Max Blankfeld
Bennett Greenspan
Family Tree DNA
Full Mitochondrial Sequence: 
$199 Family Finder 
$199 Y-DNA37 + 
Full Sequence: 

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