24 May 2016

Family Tree DNA’s Family Finder Thresholds Lowered!

For a few years, many in the genetic genealogy community have asked that the threshold for Family Tree DNA's Family Finder autosomal matches be lowered.  AND…that will happen quite soon.

Currently the matching thresholds were a minimum longest block of at least 7.69 cMs (centiMorgans) and 5.5 cMs for the other shared segments with a minimum of 20 total shared cMs.

The following changes will be implemented:

●       No minimum shared centiMorgans, but if the cM total is less than 20, at least one segment must be 9 cM or longer.
●       If the longest block of shared DNA is greater than 9 cM, the match will show regardless of total shared cM or the number of matching segments.

The entire database has been rerun using the above new criteria.

Most people will see only minor changes in their matches, mostly in the speculative range. They may lose some matches but gain others.  You have a few days to download your matches list and segments list before the change if you wish to see the differences or retain those you will lose. 

Thank you for listening Family Tree DNA.

We look forward to future improvements, as well.


19 May 2016

Southern California Genealogical Society's 47th Annual Jamboree!

Jamboree 2016 is coming quickly.  Hope you are also!

Jamboree's DNA Day is Thursday, June 2 followed by three more days of genealogy.  This yearly gathering in Burbank, California has a massive line-up.  Registration is open until May 22 so there is still some time.  See:  http://genealogyjamboree.com/

Speakers for DNA Day include Jim Bartlett, Blaine T. Bettinger, Katherine Borges, Shannon S. Christmas, Janine Cloud, Kitty Cooper, David Dowell, Tim Janzen, Diahan Southard, Paul Woodbury, and many more, including ME!

I'll be presenting DNA Your Paper Trail: An Introduction to Genetic Genealogy; Verify, Correct and Expand Your Lineage Through DNA Testing; and I've Tested My DNA; Now What?  The latter is a workshop presented on Friday morning. Other workshops from some of the above people are scheduled for Friday morning.

Michael Hammer, PhD at the ARL Division of  Biotechnology at the University of Arizona will speak on The Peopling of Europe at Thursday's luncheon.

Also, just before the festivities end on Thursday, I will be selling and signing my book:  Genetic Genealogy: The Basics and Beyond which will be available until I run out of copies.  You may purchase it online at AuthorHouse.com, Amazon and Barnes and Noble if you miss getting a copy at Jamboree.

There will be an Ask the Experts Panel for DNA questions on Friday consisting of Blaine T. Bettinger, Shannon S. Christmas, David Dowell, Tim Janzen, and me.  Alice M. Fairhurst is the moderator.

 Also, you can sign up for one-to-one help with DNA and with genealogy.  

...and I have not touched the three days of great genealogy presentations as well as the many vendors! 

Do act quickly, my workshop is over capacity, but I am allowing as many as can fit in the room legally.  AND, you can always grab me in the halls to help with your DNA questions.

So do join us for this annual conference, and hang out in the hotel restaurant and bar with the presenters and vendors.  At least stop by to say hello to me! 

19 May 2016

05 May 2016

Family Tree DNA's Mother's Day Sale

Family Tree DNA announced their Mother's Day Sale.  A surprise since they had the DNA Day sale just a couple of weeks ago.

However, let's all celebrate the mothers and women in our families!

This sale begins at midnight Central Time May 5, 2016 and ends at 11:59 pm Central Time on Sunday.

The sale is a package and cannot be separated for two people nor can one person take just one of the two tests.  Of course, as men can take both tests, they could take advantage of the sale as well.

Next up...hopefully Father's Day Sales!