18 July 2019

FHF - Family History Fanatics Webinar August 9

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Family History Fanatics is holding a great webinar (eConference) August 9, 2019.  FHF is operated by Andy and Devon Noel Lee.  This is a genealogy education company with books and presentations available at conferences and online.  See their website here.

FHF eConferences are an inexpensive webinar from some well-known speakers.  Their press release:

A Summer of DNA eConference

Genetic genealogy can be confusing, but several tools and strategies can help us make more sense
of it all. Sponsored by MyHeritage, all registrants have a chance to win one of 4 DNA kits and other
door prizes.

This conference will discuss the new Theory of Family Relativity tool from MyHeritage DNA and how
to process DNA matches that have endogamy involved. You'll also learn how to choose who in your
family should take a DNA test to help with your cousin match quest. Finally, you'll come to
understand the purposes of atDNA and how to make more cousin discovers and verify your lineage.

DATE: Friday, 9 August 2019
Begins 8:30 am Central

  •       Theory of Family Relativity and Other MyHeritage DNA Tools - Daniel Horowitz
  •        Testing Family Members (why & who to choose) - Donna Rutherford
  •        atDNA: Verify, Correct, Expand - Emily Aulicino
  •        When Your Tree Is a Banyan: Working with Endogamy and DNA - Leah Larkin

After the individual sessions, the four panelists will return for an open panel discussion about writing.


Early bird pricing is $19.99 until July 31st. After that, pricing will increase to $24.99. You MUST register by August 7th to watch the eConference and obtain the handouts.

To learn more and register visit, https://www.familyhistoryfanatics.com/summerdna


·        The eConference is open to anyone with an internet connection who is ready to have fun while learning!
·        If you can't attend the live broadcast, you will have access to the replay for 30 days!

The conference producers are the Family History Fanatics, a genealogy education company that focuses on putting the fun in online learning. See the difference the FHF Group puts together for you! If you are interested in scheduling your own eConference fundraiser, email info@familyhistoryfanatics.com .


Theory of Family Relativity and Other MyHeritage DNA Tools - Daniel Horowitz,

Description: MyHeritage DNA test can reveal valuable family history information and enable you to
connect with relatives you never knew. Among the useful newest tools offered are: The Theory of Family
Relativity™ incorporates genealogical information from all our collections of 10+ billion historical records
and family tree profiles, to offer theories on how you and your DNA Matches might be related, and The
AutoClusters organizes your matches who likely belong to the same branch and have a common
ancestor, shedding light on the relationship paths that connect you and your matches.

More about Daniel: Daniel Horowitz is the Genealogy Expert at MyHeritage, providing, key contributions
liaising with genealogy societies, bloggers and media, as well as lecturing, and attending conferences
around the world. Dedicated to Genealogy since 1986, he was the teacher and the study guide editor of
the family history project "Searching for My Roots" in Venezuela for 15 years. Daniel is involved in several
crowdsource digitization and transcription projects and holds a board level position at the Israel
Genealogy Research Association (IGRA).

Testing Family Members (why & who to choose) - Donna Rutherford

Description : This class will outline the benefits of having additional family members test and which family members you should choose. It will explain what to consider and how to go about creating a test plan to answer specific genealogical questions. The general theory will be backed up by examples of how to use your own results coupled with your family results to solve your genealogical problems.

More about Donna: Donna Rutherford is a New Zealander with English and Scottish ancestry. She has
been involved with genealogy for many years and more recently genetic genealogy. Donna works in
London in the IT industry as a Global Business Operations Manager. In her spare time, she manages a
Facebook group to help others with their DNA research. She has worked with Y DNA, mtDNA and has a lot of experience with autosomal DNA for her own research and helping others. Donna specializes in making the complex side of DNA testing easy to understand for those who are new to genetic genealogy and want to maximize the use of their DNA kits. She has been a regular speaker at genealogy events across the UK & Ireland for the past 3 years.

atDNA: Verify, Correct, Expand - Emily Aulicino

Description : Do you have conflicting family stories? Are you certain your cousins are your cousins? Are
you at a dead-end for some ancestral lines? Learn how autosomal DNA testing can help you verify your
lineage, correct your oral family history, and expand your pedigree chart. Through various success
stories, you can discover how others have triumphed and how you can as well.

More about Emily: Emily Aulicino, a retired teacher and Speaker and Regional Coordinator for the
International Society of Genetic Genealogists (ISOGG), will explain the basics of Genetic Genealogy, how
DNA testing helps genealogical research, and how to choose a testing company. Time will be provided to
answer questions.

When Your Tree Is a Banyan: Working with Endogamy and DNA - Leah Larkin

Description : Endogamy, the practice of marrying within a specific group, often results in members of that
group being related to one another multiple ways. This can cause relatives to share more DNA than
expected and can complicate genetic genealogy analyses. This talk will address how to identify
endogamy and best practices for working with it.

More about Leah: Leah Larkin earned her Ph.D. in biology from the University of Texas at Austin, where
she used DNA to study the relationships among different species. She has worked in both academia and
scientific publishing and applies those research skills daily to her work as a professional specializing in
genetic genealogy.

I hope you will be able to join us!