18 April 2019

DNA Day Sale - ends 25 April 2019

Well, the sales begin!

The following prices are from Family Tree DNA for DNA Day, a national celebration of the completion of the Human Genome Project which happened in 2003 and for the discovery of the double helix in 1953.

Regarding the discovery of the double helix, I want all of you to read the following link:  http://www.dnaftb.org/19/bio-3.html   The reason is that there is a world-wide misconception that Watson and Crick discovered it.  They did not!  Rosalind Franklin did, but she died before the Nobel Prize was awarded.

The American Society for Human Genetics holds a contest yearly in celebration.  This contest is open to students grades 9-12 worldwide. See:  https://www.ashg.org/education/dnaday.shtml

Family Tree DNA always holds a sale for National DNA Day.  There will also be a sale around Mother's Day and one around Father's Day.  However, check out this sale.  The Family Finder (autosomal DNA) is the most popular test now (every company does their version of it) and it is only $49!!!!  A great savings.

Please know that all tests will last for years if you do not have someone to swab at the moment.  Just keep them out of the heat.  Regular home temperature is just fine.

Important: The upgrades that are discounted are from Y-STR testing to Big Y-700 or from Big Y-500 to Big Y-700. The prices below are for new kits or for add-ons to existing kits, not for upgrading STRs or mtDNA. 

Encourage everyone to test...you could be my cousin!!!

Emily D. Aulicino