28 February 2020

MyHeritage - Updates

I cannot begin to update you on what has been happening at MyHeritage.

Not only can you colorize your black and white photos by uploading them. The directions state:  "...click on any black and white photo you already have, then click Colorize. Your original photos will not be changed."  These can be shared with family and friends.  The following is their example:

You can create a fan tree to share with friends and relatives. Here's an example of the fan tree (all people in it, but me have passed) The default is six generations, but you can add more. There are small marks where the lines do go back farther.  This was also very easy me to add more ancestors.  Just click on the blank and up pops a screen.  What I really love is the fact that you have many choices for dates, including:  exact, circa, before, between, after, etc.  AND...by clicking on a name (see the one is light orange), details of the family are displayed on the left, just as you see with the other pedigree layouts.

You can also get the fan chart in a color block form. Hovering over a space gives you a name. Clicking on the name gives you family details in a column to the left.

And, now they have uploaded 25,000 U.S. city directories published between 1860 and 1960. Their entire historical record database contains 11.9 billion records now. This collection will increase in the future.

MyHeritage’s announcement on this states:  “The online collection of U.S. city directories is now available on SuperSearch, MyHeritage’s search engine for historical records. Searching the collection is free. A subscription is required to view the full records and to access Record Matches.”

I’m sure I have missed some announcements over the last few weeks; however, when MyHeritage started a few years ago, I called them the “new kid on the block”, but I could see they were rapidly catching up to the other “big boys”!
Hey...what's next MyHeritage! 

Enjoy, Emily