18 February 2008

SAVE GINA - The Genetic Information & Non-Discrimination Act

***UPDATE ON GINA.....The bill has passed and is now signed into law.***


This message is of most importance. Please read it and visit the link below.


At this link you will find instructions to Save GINA. GINA stands for: "The Genetic Information and Non-Discrimination Act" There is also a contest to win a DNA test kit.

This bill keeps our DNA private. Insurance companies and employers cannot discriminate based on any genetic information. With medical science making such strides to determine which genes are related to which diseases in order to tailor-make medicines and procedures to help cure the illness, we need GINA to keep our information private, to prevent insurance companies from raising premiums or dropping us and to keep employers from refusing to hire those will the likelihood of an illness such as Cancer. One case I know is a woman who had breast cancer and when she had to change insurance, they refused coverage.

Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma has placed a "hold" on the bill to stall it from going to a vote in the Senate. The House has passed it in April 2007. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada is the Senate Majority Leader and can require the vote be taken if given 30 hours of discussion. Urge both of them to allow this bill to come to a vote. It will pass easily once it does.

This is of paramount importance and I know that most of us do not like to write our representatives, but this is our only voice in this matter and as all of you have shown an interest in DNA testing for genealogy, this can directly affect you. If the bill doesn't pass, many people will hear about it and hesitate to DNA test. We all know what that means.

I urge you to help by writing your representatives.
I urge you to share this with others who are interested in DNA Testing.
I urge you to share this will all friends and family as it will affect them at some point, as well.

Take the time today...just a few minutes; a few lines to your Senators and to Senators Coburn and Reid.

Hurry! Email TODAY.
The Contest and your chance to win a DNA kit ends either March 31st, 2007, when Senator Reid calls for a vote or when Senator Coburn releases his "hold"...which ever comes first.

Thank you, Emily