10 April 2021

Southern California Genealogy Society's 2021 Virtual Jamboree

Registration is open, and there are two tracks and multiple ways to choose the lectures you desire. AND, what is great about it...you can view the lectures more than once for several months.  Each track as well-known speakers, including Internationally known speakers and some from other countries.

See:  GenealogyJamboree.com

The Genetic Genealogy track is June 4 and 5 (Friday and Saturday. The STANDARD Registration includes 6 liver lectures and 10 recorded lectures of your choice. The PLUS Registration gives you access to all 20 recorded lectures! These lectures can be viewed through October 3, 2021!

Join me for my presentation on Autosomal DNA: Finding Common Ancestors with or without a Chromosome Browser.


The Genealogy track
 is June 11 and 12 (Friday and Saturday). There are 51 speakers from the US, Canada, Ireland, Israel, and the UK.  The STANDARD Registration includes 6 live lectures and 20 recorded lectures of your choice. The PLUS Registration gives you access to all presentations.

And, then...there are other Special Events which will occur between the above two tracks (Monday -Thursday, June 7-10).  Check back at the website for more.  However, these are listed:

Show Specials, Prize Drawings, Exhibitors, Product Q & A, Round Tables and Social Hours. 

Join the fun!

See you there,


21 February 2021

MyHeriage - Limited Promotion - Get Free upload and access to all DNA Features


MyHeritage has a wonderful limited time promotion.  Please see the information below. By uploading you do not pay the upload fee and you will have lifetime access to all the DNA features.

Upload all the DNA kits you manage!

MyHeritage wrote:

I have great news! We’re running a special DNA upload promotion between February 21–28, 2021 so folks who have tested with other services can access all advanced DNA features on MyHeritage, absolutely free!

Free DNA Uplaod

As you know, Genetic Groups significantly increased the resolution of MyHeritage DNA’s ethnicity breakdown to 2,114 geographic regions and our users have been raving about it ever since. But many people who have tested with services such as 23andMe, Ancestry or FamilyTree DNA Family Finder, were unable to join the fun.

MyHeritage allows you to upload your DNA data from other providers and get DNA Matches for free, but a one-time unlock fee of $29 (or a Complete plan with MyHeritage) has been required to access the advanced DNA features — and that includes the Ethnicity Estimate and the new Genetic Groups.

Well, we don’t want you to feel left out just because you tested with another service! For a limited time only, between February 21–28, 2021, we are waiving the unlock fee. You can now upload your DNA data to MyHeritage and get access to your Ethnicity Estimate, Genetic Groups, and other advanced DNA tools such as the Chromosome Browser, AutoClusters, and Theory of Family Relativity™ — absolutely free! These features will remain free forever for the DNA kits you upload to MyHeritage during this week.

Please share this exciting news with your readers and encourage them to take advantage of this offer and upload their data to MyHeritage. Read more about this wonderful offer on our blog.


Daniel Horowitz

Genealogy Expert

04 February 2021

Family Tree DNA's Valentine Sale


It's time to get your sweetheart a lasting Valentine gift!

Family Tree DNA started their Valentine sale today (February 4th) which lasts until February 14.

Save $20 on the Family Finder Test (regularly $79.)

This test is the most popular and allows you to locate cousins anywhere in your pedigree chart back 5 generations or more.

You also receive your bio-geographic comparison (what some mistakenly call Ethnicity) to help you determine the areas of the world that may be connected to your ancestors.

Family Tree DNA provides you with the "real" email of your matches so you can contact them directly rather than going through a company's website and hoping that the match notices your message.

So test...you could be my cousin!

Best wishes,


01 January 2021

2020: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

As 2020 turned our world upside down, I shall also flip the title of this.


The Bad and the Ugly

1.      Covid-19 and the death and division it has created is a no brainer.

2.      The politics that have divided us is definitely bad and at times very ugly and non-democratic.

3.      The destructive riots have literally torn our cities. Peaceful demonstrations are just fine, but, sadly, when our governments do not listen, demonstrations move to more drastic situations. They turn ugly.


So, The Good! …as the New Year begins anew!

1.      Covid-19: We now have some vaccines available.

2.      Politics: We have a new President.

3.      Riots: Although the cause of the riots has not been resolved, they have lessened, and some cities are looking at the tactics of SOME of their police force.


BUT the real good of being locked down for nine months…

1.      Most families have been able to spend more time together and understand the value of any loss.

2.      Many people have learned to Zoom with relatives and friends!

3.      Many people support friends and families either financially or in kind.

4.      Not spending money on travel or dining out, retirees have been able to help their children and grandchildren as well as contribute more to charities and donate to food banks.

5.      We have had time to slow down and see what is of more value to us than material things. We realize that we can live without some things. (exception: toilet paper!)

6.      We have learned to value our first responders.


I’m sure there are more good situations that has come out of 2020, but as a genealogist, the list continues! The time we now spend at home, allows us to …

1.      organize our genealogy files.

2.      scan our photos and other documents.

3.      add names, dates, and places on the back of our photos (WITH an archival pen).

4.      do more research, although online.

5.      attend classes, workshops and conferences via Zoom, Go To Meeting, and Go To Webinar.

6.      write our family stories and childhood memories

7.      write a book or booklet our ancestors, or a particular branch.


No doubt there is much more in each category, but if some of the GOOD in 2020 has escaped you, you have 2021 to explore the possibilities.


Regardless, we all need to look at 2021 as a road out of 2020 even if the first few months do not feel like anything has changed.  It will. We have made it through nine months of chaos; we can make it for several more months! We have been given the wisdom of the medical teams and now need to follow it well.


Wishing all of you the very best 2021 has to offer.  Do take care of yourselves and your family and friends.  Stay safe. Make the best of what you have!