04 January 2020

YEAH, FTDNA - Price Reduction for 2020

Now that the holiday sale is over, we expected the Family Tree DNA prices to rise to their former level, but NO! Here's the current prices!

  • Y-37  $119 (previously $169)
  • Y-111 $249 (previously $359)
  • BigY-700 $449 (previously $649). The BAM file must now be purchased as an add on for $100.
  • mtDNA full sequence $159 (previously $199)
  • Upgrade from Y-37 to Y-67, now $89
  • Upgrade form Y-37 to Y-111, now $139
  • Upgrade from Y-67 to Y-111, now $89
  • Upgrade from Y-37 to Big Y-700, now $339
  • Upgrade from Y-67 to Big Y-700, now $279
  • Upgrade from Y-111 to Big Y-700, now $239
  • Upgrade from Big Y-500 to Big Y-700, now $209
If you are stuck at a Y-12 or Y-25, know that the Y-25 no longer exists.
Upgrades for the Y-12 and Y-25 are:

Y-12 to Y-37, now $79
Y-12 to Y-67, now $149
Y-12 to Y-111, now $199
Y-12 to Big Y-700, now $399 (not including the BAM file)

Y-25 to Y-37, now $49
Y-25 to Y-67, now $119
Y-25 to Y-111, now $189
Y-25 to Big Y-700, now $389 (not including the BAM file

Family Finder is still $79, but when it is on sale there is very little profit, so that is understandable.

The bundle of a Y-37 and Family Finder saves you $9 and is now $189.

Shipping is now $9.95 U.S. and $12.95 for International.

I greatly encourage you to upgrade or test at the Y-37 level or higher. The Y-37 is now the very basic, and if you happen to be in a large haplogroup (your twig on the world family tree) such as R and I, your matches can be numerous and many may not show as each test level has its own maximum threshold. Therefore, by testing at a Y-67 you may find more matches that you would at a Y-37.

Also know that the mtDNA Plus no longer exists so there is now only the Full Sequence. This is also good as the mtDNA is slower to mutate so matches could be farther back in time, and the full mtDNA gives a clearer picture of who matches you. Again, if you are in a common haplogroup such as H and U, you may have hundreds of matches.

Remember, always contact and work with the matches who have the fewest genetic distances first. They will match you more closely in time than those with high genetic distances. (A genetic distance is the differences you and a match have on your test results. For example, if you and a match have a difference of 2 on one marker you have a genetic distance of 2. Zero is a perfect match. Allow the company to determine the genetic distance as some markers are calculated differently.)

The key to finding common ancestors for your matches is to have a ROBUST pedigree chart. Remember to use Genealogy Proof Standards (GPS) in creating your pedigree. AND...upload your tree to the website!!!

Thank you FTDNA for the New Year's gift!

SO...all of you out there, test and enjoy!
Remember, you could be my cousin...

30 December 2019

MyHeritage - Ten Year "Report"

MyHeritage has accomplished a lot this year.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve built up a treasure trove of global historical records, introduced MyHeritage DNA tests for genealogy and for health, signed up 69 million users, added 3.07 billion family tree profiles, acquired 7 companies, welcomed 406 employees, and so much more.

The above is a quote from their site.  Stop by and read it all here!

Congrats to MyHeritage and its crew!  May the next 10 years be even more exciting!


27 December 2019

Family Tree DNA Holiday Sale is Extended

Family Tree DNA has tests are on sale until January 2

The paternal (all-male line) - only males can test
               Y-37                      $99 (reg. $169)
               Y-111                   $199 (reg. $160)
               Big Y-700             $299 (reg. $640)

The maternal (all-female line) is now only $199 (reg. $139)
The Family Finder test (autosomal DNA (is only $49 (reg. $79)

See: https://www.familytreedna.com/ for more details.


Promethease: Free Until Dec 31, 20219

MyHeritage acquired Promethease and has made it free until Dec 31, 2019 (Central Time)

Now is a great time to upload DNA data to Promethease to obtain up-to-date health information for free. You can download your report and your uploaded DNA data will be deleted in a few days. Read the full blog post here: https://blog.myheritage.com/2019/12/only-a-few-days-left-to-use-promethease-for-free/

Check it out and read the fine print!

Have fun!

14 December 2019

MyHeritage Holiday Challenge

MyHeritage Holiday Heritage Challenge

You could win a grand prize of 10 MyHeritage DNA Health+Ancestry kits and 10 MyHeritage Subscriptions!!!!

v There’s a new challenge each week
v Post your answer to your favorite social media platform for your change to win the weekly prize
v One grand prize winner will be chosen at the end of the competition

This week’s challenge:

What is your favorite family holiday dish and what’s the story behind it?

Post your answer on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #holidayheritage and share your post with friends and family to get as many likes as possible.

The post with the most likes at the end of the week will win a MyHeritage DNA Heath+Ancestry kit and a MyHeritage Subscription.

The post with the most likes at the end of the competition will win our grand prize: 10 MyHeritage DNA Health+Ancestry kits and 10 MyHeritage Subscriptions.

For this and the future challenges see this link

Have fun and good luck!!!!

11 December 2019

Family Tree DNA Sales Until Dec 26

Not only does Family Tree DNA have sales on many of their tests, they are allowing FREE shipping on the kits. This is a great sale.  You do not always see upgrades on sale.

Also, the tests below the FMS (Full Mitochondrial Sequence) are now quite antiquated.  You really need the FMS.

The same goes for any Y-DNA test below a Y-37.  AND, frankly, that is even not real useful, especially if you are in a major haplogroup.

It is wise to upgrade these tests since so many people are testing and you need to know more detail about how you connect to them.

Single Tests:
Family  Finder (FF).......Reg. $79; now $49
Y-37 ..............................Reg. $169; now $99
Y-111.............................Reg. $359; now $199
Big Y700.......................Reg. $649; now $399
FMS...............................Reg. $199; now $139

$9 off of each additional tested added to a bundle

Y-12 to 37......................Reg. $109; now $79
Y-12 to 67......................Reg. $199; now $149
Y-12 to 111....................Reg. $359; now $169

Y-25 to 37......................Reg. $59; now $49
Y-25 to 67......................Reg. $159; now $119
Y-25 to 111....................Reg. $269; now $149

Y-37 to 67......................Reg. $109; now $69
Y-37 to 111....................Reg. $228; now $119

Y-67 to 111....................Reg. $99; now $69

Y-12 to Big Y-700.............Reg. $629; now $359
Y-25 to Big Y-700.............Reg. $599; now $349
Y-37 to Big Y-700.............Reg. $569; now $319
Y-67 to Big Y-700.............Reg. $499; now $259
Y-111 to Big Y-700............Reg. $499; now $229
Big Y-500 to Big Y-700....Reg. $249; now $189

mtDNA to FMS.................Reg. $159; now $99
mtPlus to FMS...................Reg. $159; now $99


MyHeritage DNA Transfer Free until Dec 18

The MyHeritage blog states:

This Week Only: DNA Uploads Are Completely Free Forever (Including All Advanced DNA Features!)

You are saving the $29 uploading fee.

Why upload to MyHeritage
  • Huge global user base of more than 3.5 million people
  • The best service worldwide for European DNA matches
  • Advanced and innovative DNA tools Including Chromosome Browser, AutoClusters, Theory of Family Relativity™ and much more
  • DNA data uploaded to MyHeritage is completely private and secure. Only you can see the DNA data you upload.
  • MyHeritage will never sell data to insurance companies, and we have a strict policy prohibiting the use of our DNA services by law enforcement agencies.
What the limited-time offer includes
If you take advantage of this offer and upload your raw DNA data this week, in addition to the basic DNA features such as receiving, exporting, and contacting DNA Matches and viewing shared ancestral surnames, you’ll be able to access the following features absolutely free, not just this week but also in the future:
  • Ethnicity Estimate
  • Chromosome Browser
  • View family trees and pedigree charts of your DNA Matches
  • Shared DNA Matches
  • Shared ethnicities
  • Shared ancestral places
  • AutoClusters
  • Theory of Family Relativity™
Go to this MyHeritage link to learn how to upload your DNA results.