28 August 2014

FTDNA End of Summer Sale

Now is the time to purchase your DNA test kit or upgrade the one you have!

Y-DNA testers should consider a minimum Y-37 marker as this test puts you within genealogical time.  However, if you are a member of a common haplogroup or if you match many other testers at the Y-37, consider upgrading to a Y-67 or Y-111.  Doing so could put you in a more defined group with whom you would more closely match.  If there are matches which are a bit beyond the threshold for a Y-37 match, they could appear with a Y-67 as the threshold allows more differences.  OR, your match at a Y-67 could have no further differences.

This sale ends soon, so jump into the gene pool with the rest of us!

The message from Family Tree DNA...

Standard      Regular Price     Sale Price
Y-37                     $169                $129
Y-67                     $268                $199
Y-111                   $367                $279
Big Y                    $595                $495

Upgrades         Regular Price    Sale Price
Y-12 -> Y-37            $99               $70
Y-12 -> Y-67            $189             $148
Y-12 -> Y-111          $339             $239
Y-25 -> Y-37            $49               $35
Y-25 -> Y-67            $148             $114
Y-25 -> Y-111          $249             $209
Y-37 -> Y-67            $99               $79
Y-37 -> Y-111          $220             $179
Y-67 -> Y-111          $129             $109