09 June 2020

Father's Day Sale at Family Tree DNA

Family Tree DNA's Father's Day Sale has begun and will last through June 21!

Take advantage of these great savings!!!

Family Finder (FF) Test was $79; now $59

Y-DNA Tests
Y-37 was $119; now $109
Y-111 was $249; now $219
Big Y-700 was $449; now $399

And then there are Bundles (i.e., a Y test and the Family Finder Test)
Take an extra $9 off the Sale prices when you bundle!

Y-12 to 37 was $79; now $59
Y-12 to 67 was $149; now $129
Y-12 to 111 was $199; now $159

Y-25 to 37 was $49; now $39
Y-25 to 67 was $119; now $99
Y-25 to 111 was $189; now $149

Y-37 to 67 was $89; now $69
Y-37 to 111 was $139; now $109

Y-67 to 111 was $89; now $79

Y-12 to Big Y-700 was $399; now $359
Y-25 to Big Y-700 was $389; now $349
Y-37 to Big Y-700 was$339; now $319
Y-67 to Big Y-700 was$279; now $259
Y-111 to Big Y-700 was $239; now $229
Big Y-500 to Big Y-700 was $209; now $199

Only at Family Tree DNA can you get the Y-chromosome test.  You may ask why should I upgrade, well...

Each test level (i.e., Y-37 tests 37 markers on the Y-chromosome) has threshold, so by upgrading you can get additional matches.  Also, the &-37 is now considered the most basic Y test and if you have a common haplogroup you can receive hundreds of matches which may not be that close in generations. You really need to upgrade to narrow the matches to whom is most relevant.

We typically do not see another sale until Summer so don't pass this by.

Best wishes,