30 May 2012

Family Tree DNA SALE for Family Finder Test

Family Tree DNA is offering a sale on the Family Finder autosomal test. 

The regular price is $289, but until June 10th, you can get this test for $179.  This is the lowest price it has ever been!

To order it you need a code and that code is only good for one test.  These codes were distibuted to those who have taken the Family Finder test.  I have twenty codes left, and you can email me for one of them if you are going to test.  That email is:  aulicino at hevanet.com

Both males and females can take this test and it gives the tester matches on his or her six-generation pedigree chart. You have 64 fourth-great-grandparents, and all of the people who descend from them could potentially be your matches. Granted not everyone has tested (thank goodness in some ways!), but this still can net you a hundred matches or more. As you receive their name and email, you contact them and compare lineages.

As the match could be anywhere on that six-generation pedigree chart, you can test yourself and a few cousins to determine on what branch the match and you have a common ancestor.  For example, I have tested my paternal first cousin, Doug, and my paternal grandmother's nephew (my first cousin once removed), Dan.  If Dan and I match the same unknown person in my Family Finder list, I know that that unknown match is related to my paternal grandmother.  If Doug and I match, but Dan doesn't, it is highly likely that the unknown match is on my father's father's line. If all three of us match an unknown person, the common ancestor is on my paternal grandmother's line.  This process can be done with examples of your cousins from your four grandparents as well as from various second and third cousins.

It is always wonderful to find matches as they could have more information on your family than you do, and it gives you another person with whom you can research.

Email me for a code and get the Family Finder test at the lowest price it has ever been! 

I hope we are cousins!

30 May 2012