22 February 2019

Southern California Genealogical Society's Jamboree 50th Birthday

And what a Birthday Bash has been planned!  

You won't want to miss it!

This is the 50th year that the Southern California Genealogical Society has held a Jamboree!

There are four days of  celebration with well-known speakers providing enriching classes to help with your genealogy and knowledge of DNA!

May 30 & 31 are filled with DNA classes for the beginner to the advanced.  World-renown speakers will take you through the steps of understanding how wonderfully useful DNA testing is for genealogy.

A few of those speakers:
...Blaine Bettinger
...Angie Bush
...Kitty Cooper
...Tim Janzen
...Brad Larkin
...Judy Russell
...Richard Weiss
...Paul Woodbury
......along with speakers from the DNA testing companies.
................(OH...and I'll be speaking as well!)

June 1 & 2 will allow you to hone your genealogical skills with again an array of World-class speakers.

Just a few speakers: 
...Liza Alonzo
...David Dowell
...Michael D. Lacopo
...Peggy Clemens Lauritzen
...Janice Lovelace
...Thomas MacEntee
...Cheri Mello
...Dave Obee
...Drew Smith
...D. Joshua Taylor
...Pam Vestal
......and many more! 
The topics cover many cultural groups along with a wide variety of subjects.
AND...there are genealogy workshops as well as DNA workshops.

AND...you can attend free classes on Friday which require no registration.  Just attend!  See the JamboFree list which is labeled JF with a number.

There is some overlap as some presentations reference DNA on non-DNA days.  You can check the schedule here.

The Venders' Hall is always wonderful.  So much to explore, and sales going on all the time!

You can even go on some field trips!!! 

AND...seven Raffle Drawings will be held throughout the four days, and these, in addition, ...
Exhibitor Birthday Card Prize Drawing  
Grand Prize Drawing:  Six Nights at Salt Lake Plaza Hotel plus Research Assistance from Ancestor Seekers

Besides eating your meals in the hotel restaurant, or in the courtyard area for lunch, you can cross the highway for some fast food places. However, there are special breakfast and banquet (dinner) meals with speakers. The breakfast speakers are David E. Rencher, Michael Provard, and George Morgan and the banquet speakers are Blaine T. Bettinger, Judy G. Russell, and D. Joshua Taylor.  Each are presenting some wonderful topics you won't want to miss.

With your registration, you can also view free webinars throughout the coming year!

Well, all that is sure worth the price of admission.  Registration is now open!

Hope to see you there!