26 September 2017

Family Tree DNA - Sale on Family Finder


I just received the message below from Family Tree DNA on their Family Finder Sale.

This is a very good sale on a very useful product.  Remember that DNA kits can be kept for years if not exposed to heat (think trunk of the car in summer), so it may be wise to take advantage of this sale, especially before Sept 30 as it helps the hurricane relief efforts.

It is wise to test various 1st-3rd cousins, siblings, parents, and older generations.  This autosomal test provides matches up to the 5th and often though to the 10th generations, depending upon various situations (endogamy).  By testing cousins, you can often determine which line of your pedigree chart to search for the common ancestor of a match.  By testing parents, you can move the matches back one more generation from you.  By testing siblings, you can discover matches that don't match you as each person inherits differently.

This test is the most popular DNA test.  Although AncestryDNA does the same type of test, you cannot see the particular DNA segments you share with others.  Although 23andMe provides the same type of test and you can see the segments, it costs $99 plus shipping.  Family Tree DNA has their Family Finder test on sale for $69 (not inc. shipping).  Family Tree DNA is the only company of the major three that focuses only on genealogy.

If you already have a Y-DNA or mtDNA test at Family Tree DNA, just go to your personal webpages and order the Family Finder test.

Buy some tests for the future and for holiday gifts.

Thank you for testing...you may be my cousin!

Best wishes,

Dear Project Administrators,

Thank you for all the thoughts, prayers, and kind words received as Houston continues to recover from Hurricane Harvey. We appreciate your concern. We also send our best wishes to those affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, as well as by the wildfires in the western U.S. and the earthquakes in Mexico.

For a limited time, Family Finder is $69! 

This is not a sale, so we don’t have an end date. It’s a temporary price reduction, so take advantage of the reduced price now. And remember, a portion of all purchases made during September will be donated to hurricane relief efforts.

06 September 2017

Family Tree DNA and Havey


As all of you know Family Tree DNA is based in Houston.  Although the city and surrounding areas were devastated, their company had only minor issues with Harvey, and some of the staff's homes were not in danger, however, there are many staff members who have suffered in Harvey's grasp.

We all are sending prayers, good thoughts their way.  However, besides our heart-fell wishes, we can also help those in need through giving.

Family Tree DNA is donating a portion of their proceeds from the sale of ALL tests (including upgrades and paid transfers) during the month of September toward Hurricane Harvey's relief efforts.  There is a banner on their home page which displays the cumulative amount raised and will be updated twice daily.

By 11 a.m. today (Wednesday), they have raised $5,076.  

We all know that this damage is really in the billions.  Many of you have contributed to other organizations, but perhaps you can give a little more, and consider doing so again in coming months. It will take years to rebuild the damage.

Family Tree DNA employees are also helping out their employees who had damage. That is a different fund, however.

SO, purchase a few kits. They do keep as long as they are not in extreme heat (think...trunk of your car in the hot summer), and then locate relatives whom you wish to test.  If you are an administrator, purchase a few more kits to use for future project members either through a project scholarship or getting reimbursed later testers.

And...besides, some of you could be my close cousins so TEST!

Please give what you can.

Thank you and best wishes,