07 August 2013

Gene by Gene Acquires Arpeggi

Gene by Gene, the parent company of Family Tree DNA has just purchased Arpeggi, a start-up Health- and GE-backed company.  Gene by Gene intends to build the world’s leading genetic testing and genome diagnostic company.

The press release today states that Gene by Gene, Ltd. is “…the world’s first company to develop consumer DNA testing products for ancestry and genealogy applications…”.

This acquisition will allow DNA sequence and clinical genomics to be more accessible and affordable to consumers, researchers and healthcare providers.

Gene by Gene intends to transform healthcare by dramatically speeding up the process of sequencing, and reducing the cost of genetic tests. Presently, the company offers the full genome to customers, without analysis or interpretation, for $6995. Other tests are offered as well, but everyone is waiting for a full genome test under $1,000.

It will be grand to see decreases in sequencing time and reductions in pricing.

Congratulations Gene by Gene!

Read the entire press release here.