06 June 2014

Y-DNA Transfers to Family Tree DNA

I just noticed today that Family Tree DNA is offering a great sale on transferring your Y-DNA test results from any company that used the Sorenson 33 or 46 marker test.  That would include results from Ancestry.com, GeneTree and Sorenson's SMGF.

The transfers are $19 for the 33 or 46, but if you wish to add the Y-DNA 25 marker or Y-DNA 37 marker along with the transfer that is $58.  A STEAL! 

Why add this upgrade?
When your DNA results are transferred from another company, your stored test sample is not transferred.  By adding the Y-25 or Y-37, you receive a kit and will have enough sample to store for future upgrades and tests at FTDNA.

Choosing the 25 or 37.
The 25 marker test provides matches for you on the all-paternal line that could be within this last 600 years where the Y-37 marker would narrow that time to within 400 years, give or take.  These are estimated times as every family can be different, but the more markers you test, the closer in time the common ancestor can be.

If your haplogroup is not a common one, the Y-25 marker could be enough, but if your haplogroup is common, I would suggest you go with the Y-37.  Frankly, if the price is the same why would you do a Y-25?

At this point in time, Family Tree DNA is the only major testing company who offers Y-DNA and mtDNA test, along with the ability to upgrade those tests if you start at a lower level of markers.

For more detail see Family Tree DNA.


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