23 June 2009

Family Tree DNA Sale Extended!


The following Family Tree DNA sale has been extended to Jun 30th with payment due by July 7th.

This sale is only for new male testers getting the 37 marker with the HVR1 (mtDNA). The 37 marker test is wonderful for genealogy. The price is $119 plus $4 shipping. Usually the 37 marker alone is $149 plus shipping and the HVR1 is $99. So that is a very good savings. We may not see this sale again.

FTDNA just sent this message to all the Administrators, so I'm passing it to you. You can pass the word around the Internet and within your family.

FTDNA wrote:

In the last few days we have received several e-mails from group administrators asking us to extend our "Unparalleled 50% Promotional Discount" Y-DNA37+mtDNA for $119 (the regular project price is $248 – a reduction of more than 50%!!), as many people are only now becoming aware of the promotion.

We have decided, therefore, to extend it until June 30th, 2009. Kits must be paid by July 7, 2009. In order for the most people take advantage of this promotion, we encourage you to post the following link in your family messages boards, blogs, and mail lists, as well as forward to people when they ask you where to place the order.

As always, that you for your continued support.

Max Blankfeld
Vice-President, Operations and Marketing
"History Unearthed Daily"

23 Jun 2009

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