18 June 2014

Family Tree DNA Releases Updates

Several updates were posted today at Family Tree DNA.  Of special interest is the Big Y settings and the name changes in the bio-geographical groups.

Note the Big Y settings and Search...something new!

1. Added a privacy setting that will allow a user to opt out of Big Y matching.  By default, matching is enabled.  If someone opts out of matching they will not be able to see Big Y matches and other users will not see them.  The opt in/out setting is located in the myFTDNA Account Settings page, under the "Match and E-mail settings" tab.  Here is the setting:

2. Updated the retail price for Y-DNA25 from $229 to $109.  This will put it in line with our other Y-DNA product prices. Upgrade prices were also edited accordingly. 

3. Created a SNP search feature on the Haplotree page to aid users in locating a SNP of interest.  It is located at the top right side of the Haplotree page.  The page will scroll down to the SNP being searched for and highlighted it with a yellow bar.  Even SNPs buried in the "More..." pop up will be searched!  Here is a pic of the search bar:

4. Name changes for Populations
myOrigins Introduces New Population Cluster Names!

Based on your feedback, we simplified the population cluster names on myOrigins!  It will now be easier than ever to share (and pronounce) your ancestral origins.
  • European Coastal Plain -> Western and Central Europe
  • East African Pastoralists -> East Central Africa
  • Trans Ural Peneplain -> Eastern Europe
  • Bering Expansion -> Native American
  • North African Coastlands -> North Africa
  • Asian Northeast -> Northeast Asia
  • Eurasian Heartland -> Central Asia
  • North Mediterranean Basin -> Southern Europe
  • Niger-Congo Genesis -> West Africa
  • European Coastal Islands -> British Isles
  • North Circumpolar -> Finland and Northern Siberia
  • European Northlands -> Scandinavia
  • Anatolian and Caucasus -> Asia Minor
  • Jewish Diaspora -> Ashkenazi Diaspora
  • Kalahari Basin -> South-Central Africa
  • East Asian Coastal Islands -> Southeast Asia
  • Indian Tectonic Plate -> South Asia
  • Eastern Afro-asiatic -> Eastern Middle East
In addition, the following composite myOrigins population clusters will have their names changed:
  • Coastal Islands & Coastal Plain -> British Isles, Western & Central Europe
  • Trans-Ural Peneplain & Coastal Plain -> Eastern, Western & Central Europe
  • Northlands & Coastal Plain -> Scandinavia, Western & Central Europe
  • North Mediterranean & Coastal Plain -> Southern, Western & Central Europe
Please note: We did not make any changes to the underlying myOrigins data.  In other words, if you were 20% Anatolian Crossroads before, you will now be 20% Asia Minor.

Descriptions of the clusters can be found here. For background on myOrigins, read Razib Khan’s pieces, “Unraveling Mysteries” and “Surprising Threads on the Tapestry.”


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