06 August 2017

GedTree.com - SALE!

Well, this is a hot summer for sales!  Now GedTree has a sale on their posters to celebrate the launch of this new company!

From now until August 13th their genealogy pedigree posters are 25% off.  Sale ends midnight Eastern Time.  They've added a new template (see the first one below) and others will be added soon.

You have a choice of  6, 7, and 8 generation fan charts with color, and one in black and white. Each chart is 36 inches x 24 inches, on sale for  $74, and suitable for framing. The years of birth and death with the exception of the 8th row, due to the lack of room, are included.

All you need to do is upload your gedcom, choose a template, determine the title and subtitle for your chart, and, of course, pay for your selection.

The company keeps your gedcom only until the chart is delivered.

These charts make wonderful gifts for the relatives and are handy to have for a quick reference for you!

And then there is the X-chromosome chart using Blaine Bettinger's layout for X inheritance.  This one is for females, and there is another males.

Don't miss out!  Although I cannot speak for the company, usually we see the best sales during a launch.


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