01 August 2017

Family Tree DNA's Sizzlin" Summer Sale is ON!

Just in time for the Dog Days of Summer, Family Tree DNA has it's summer sale which starts today (Aug 1st) and runs through August 31st.  These prices are SIZZLIN' HOT! However, this year’s “Sizzlin’ Summer Sale” is called “Friends & Family Sale”
Therefore, invite everyone to join in the fun.

Family Finder          $69
Y-37                        $139
Y-37 + FF                $198
FMS                        $159
FMS + FF                $218
Y-67 + FMS + FF   $430

To clarify:
FMS means Full Mitochondrial Sequence

mt/mtPlus to FMS  $199
Big Y                      $395 (The best price I've every seen!)
Y-12 to 37                $69
Y-25 to 37                $35
Y-37 to 67                $79
Y-37 to 111             $168
Y-67 to 111               $99

To clarify:
Mt/mtPlus are the portions of the mitochondrial DNA
For the Big Y, you must already have a Y-37 test or higher
Y12-37 means you have a Y 12 and wish to upgrade to a Y37

As we are all cousins, it would be wonderful to discover our connection!


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