11 June 2013

Family Tree DNA Accepts AncestryDNA's Autosomal Tests at a Sale Price

Have you taken the autosomal test at 23andMe or AncestryDNA.com?  If so, this deal is for YOU!

While at Southern California's DNA Day and Jamboree, Family Tree DNA revealed that testers of Ancestry DNA can now transfer their test into FTDNA's database.  They have been allowing transfers from 23andMe for years.  NO other company does this, and those companies have no plans to do it.

Why is transfering your results to another company so great?    You are in more than one database and, therefore can find more matches along your autosomal lines.  Working with other genealogists can help you trace your lineage, share family artifacts, and have a great research partner.

And the best part of this?   You can now transfer your data from either of these companies to Family Tree DNA this week for only $49 (Regularly $99)!  (NOTE:  This transfer does not remove you from the former database, but just adds you to Family Tree DNA.)

Hurry, you don't want to miss out on this sale...the first time it's ever been offered!

Click on FAQs and put in the search:  Third Party Transfers

If you need help, call the company at:  713-868-1438

You do NOT have to have results for the autosomal tests yet.  You only need to purchase the transfer and when the results from the other company arrives, transfer it then.

As both 23andMe and Ancestry now charge $99 for their autosomal test and with the transfer cost, you are getting not only the benefit of more than one database, but the cheapest deal around!

Time to jump into the Olympic Gene Pool!

11 Jun 2013

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