20 October 2010

Family Tree DNA Test Sale


Today Family Tree DNA announced a sale on their Family Finder Test for new testers along with a Y-DNA or an mtDNA test. The email states that it is a limited time offer, but does not give an ending date.

Family Finder + Y-DNA 12 marker test is regularly $388, but the Introductory Price is $299

Family Finder + mtDNA (HVR1) marker test is regularly $388, but the Introductory price is $299.

REMEMBER: This is only for NEW customers and is available for a LIMITED time.

Only credit card payments are accepted for this.

For those of you who do not know much about these tests (Family Finder, Y-DNA, or mtDNA), please see prior postings for this blog or email me at aulicino@hevanet.com

copyright 20 Oct 2010

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