18 February 2010

My 23andMe Success Stories #2 & #3

I have successfully found common ancestors for two more of my 23andMe cousins. (See a previous blog for the first cousin found.) I am quite surprised to find my DNA still has enough of my ancestors genes from the 1600s to find matches!

As far as the actual markers are concerned, I share only on the Basic Genome level with my 23andMe cousins as it only tells you on which chromosome(s) we match; the starting and stopping points for the matching results; the length(s) of the segment; and the number of SNPs we share. No health issues are involved. The value of this information lies in the possibility that over time you will be sharing the same (or close to the same) segments with more than one person. If you can find the match with one person, then you know the match with the others is on the same lines. I have several 23andMe cousins matching me on the same segment, but we have yet to determine the common ancestor.

The key to determining a common ancestor really lies in good genealogy work. The more data (names, dates, and locations) you have for your ancestors, their siblings, grand children and great-grandchildren, the easier it is to find your common link. I’ve done genealogy for about forty years and tend to collect a lot of records of my family and ones to whom I think I am related. When others do the same, all of this is really easy.

Success #2: Bruce and Emily

Bruce and I are listed as probable 4th cousins with a cousinship range of 3rd to 7th. We share .21% of your tested genome.

Our paper trail indicates that we are 7th cousins once removed.

Descendants of Adam Hatfield
Adam Hatfield, (son of Jurian Hartsfelder and Margaret Unknown) b.ca 1655; m. Sarah Pauling were the parents of our common ancestor John Hatfield, below.

Bruce’s line:

1. John Hatfield, b: ca 1688 in Ulster Co, NY; m. Elizabeth/Jane Unknown, b: ca 1690
2. John Hatfield, b: ca 1717; m. Catherine Supplee
3. Adam Hatfield, b: 03 Nov 1741 in Montgomery Co, PA; m. Margaret Dilworth, b. ca 1750 in Lancaster, PA
4. Joseph Hatfield, b. 22 Jun 1790 in Westmoreland Co, PA; m. Phoebe Peppard , b. 11 Sep 1791 Ireland
5. Robert Marshall Hatfield, b. 29 Dec 1821 in Wayne Co, OH; m. Stuart, b. 02 Aug 1830 in Wayne Co, OH
6. Samuel Ruitherford Hatfield, b. 19 Feb 1852 in Ossian, Wells Co, IN; m. Durintha McCargar, b. 01 Jul 1857 Walcot Twp, Rice Co, MN
7. Mabel Roxanna Hatfield, b. 02 Jan 1880 in Fairbault, Rice Co, MN; m. John Edward (surname withheld), b. 28 Jan 1863 in Fairbault, Rice Co, MN
8. John Robert (surname withheld), b. 19 Oct 1909 in Fairbault, Rice Co, MN
9. Bruce

Emily’s line:

1. John Hatfield, b. ca 1688 in Ulster Co, NY; m. Elizabeth/Jane Unknown, b: ca 1690
2. Jane Hatfield, b. bet. 1720 - 1721 in Philadelphia Co, PA; m. James Cunrads, b. bet. 1722 - 1726 in Germantown, Philadelphia Co, PA
3. Elizabeth Ann Conard, b. bet. 1758 - 1761 in Montgomery Co, PA; m. Evan Jenkins, b: ca 1762
4. Jane Jenkins; m. Peter Ogan, b. ca 1784 in VA
5. Evan Ogan , b. 20 Nov 1802 in VA; m.Susan Wical, b. 20 Feb 1807 in OH/VA
6. Simon Peter Ogan, b. Aug 1826 OH; m. Emily Jane Studyvin
7. Mary Adeline Ogan, b. 11 Aug 1866 in Bureau Co, IL; m. Lowry Graham Gilmore, b. 14 Jun 1855 in Rochester, Monroe Co, NY
8. Emily Helen Gilmore, b. 14 Dec 1890 in Gray's Harbor, Gray's Harbor Co, WA
9. BJW
10. Emily (ME)

* * * * *

Success #3: Greg and Emily

Greg and I are listed at 23andMe with the probability of being 5th cousins and a range of cousinship being from 3rd to 10th cousin. Although we share only .11% of our genome that was tested, we have been able to find our common ancestor. Due to the detail work of both parties, I actually discovered that common ancestor before we even shared at the Basic Genome level.

Our paper work indicates we are 11th cousins.

Greg’s line:

1. Matthew Williams, b. ca 1606-1623 England; d. Bet. Jul 1659 - Nov 1665 CT; m. aft 1646 Wethersfield, Hartford Co, CT to Susanna Cole, dau of Samuel.
2. Amos Williams, b. 14 Mar 1645/46 Wethersfield, Hartford Co, CT; d. 20 Aug 1683 Wethersfield, Hartford Co, CT; m. 27 Jan 1669/70 to Elizabeth Rogers
3. Capt. Amos Williams, b. 17 Mar 1670/71 Wetherfield, Harford Co, CT; d. 19 Apr 1744 NJ; m. Johannah Wheeler, b. ca 1676; d. 13 Nov 1719
4. Samuel Williams, b. ca 1713 Newark, NJ; d. 01 Apr 1812 West Orange, NJ; m. Hannah Harrison
5. Jonathan Williams, b. ca 1747 West Orange, Essex Co, NJ; d. 15 Nov 1838 West Orange, Essex Co, NJ; m. ca 1771 Mary Squier
6. Nathan Williams, b. 12 Oct 1774 Orange, Essex Co, NJ; d. ca 1861; m. Catherine Wade
7. Jonathan Squier Williams, b. 11 Feb 1801 Mt. Pleasant Place, West Orange, Essex Co, NJ; d. 05 Aug 1875 Mt. Pleasant Place, West Orange, Essex Co, NJ; m. 22 Dec 1822 to Phoebe Perry.
8. Samuel Augustus Williams, b. 3 Sep 1824; d. Aug 1893; m. 30 Sep 1847 to Frances Harrison
9. Herbert Wallace Williams, b. ca 1862; d. ca 1944; m. Antoinetta Unknown
10. Helen Henrietta Williams, b. ca 1886 Orange, NJ; d. 14 Feb 1976 Grenada Hills, CA; m. 19 Jun 1912 Clifford Fowler Williams of Cleveland Ohio.
11. CEW
12. Greg

Emily’s line:

1. Matthew Williams, b. ca 1606-1623 England; d. Bet. Jul 1659 - Nov 1665 CT; m. aft 1646 Wethersfield, Hartford Co, CT to Susanna Cole, dau of Samuel.
2. Samuel Williams, b. 4 Jan 1653/54 Wetherssfield, Harford Co, CT; d. 8 May 1706 Elizabethwon, Essex Co, NJ; m. to Esther Wheeler, b. Milford, New Haven Co, CT
3. Nathaniel Williams, b. ca 1701 pos. Elizabethtown, Essex Co, NJ; d. 1764 Newark, NJ; m. Unknown
4. Esther Williams, m. ca 1730s to James Pierson, b. ca 1700 pos. Wales; d. ca 1761 Hanover Co, NJ
5. Hannah Pearson, b. ca 1736-37 Newark, Essex Co, NJ; d. aft 1785; m. ca 1758 Hanover Twp, Morris Co, NJ or Newark, NJ to Lemuel Bowers, b. ca 1709-12 Newark, NJ or Greenwich, CT; d. bef Apr 1785 Morris Co, NJ
6. Lemuel Bowers, b. ca 1761; d. 20 Sep 1830 Crown Point, Essex Co, NY; m. Oct 1780 Morristown, Morris Co, NJ to Sarah Mills, b. 1761 Hanover Twp, Litton, NJ
7. Hannah Bowers, b. ca 1792 NJ; d. Nov 1868 Jerseyville, Jersey Co, IL; m. Nov 1813 Bridport, Addison Co, VT to Charles Rufus Derby, b. ca 1795 VT; d. Sep ;1853 Jerseyville, Jersey Co, IL
8. Sarah Mills Derby, b. 24 Apr 1814 Bridport, Addison Co, VT; d. 12 Jun 1888 Fort Scott, Bourbon Co, KS; m. 17 Dec 1833 Bridport, Addison Co, VT to Lambson Williams, b. 28 Sept 1804, Bridport, Addison Co, VT, d. 20 Dec 1878 Marion twp, Bourbon Co, KS
9. John Joseph Williams, b. Jul 1851, Jerseyville, Jersey Co, IL; d. Aug 1946 Fort Scott, Bourbon Co, KS; m. Nov 1870 to Urvilla Victoria McCoon, b. Jun 1854 Dane Co, WI, d. Sep 1890 Fort Scott, Bourbon Co, KS
10. Clyde Mills Williams, b. Nov 1887 Fort Scott, Bourbon Co, KS, d. Aug 1957 Fort Scott, Bourbon Co, KS; m. 1921 Olathe, Johnson Co, KS to Emily Helen Gilmore, b. 1890 Gray's Harbor, WA, d. 1942 Fort Scott, Bourbon Co, KS
11. BJW
12. Emily (me)

SO…who will be my next discovery of a common ancestor?

PS: I just received a match on my X Chromosome so that should be an interesting story once that common ancestor is found as there are ways to determine exactly who contributed to the chromosome pairs. Women inherit two X chromosomes, one being received from the father and one from the mother. BUT...not everyone in those ancestries make up the X. Watch this blog for how to know what lines to compare.



Elaine said...

Hi Emily,
I noticed that you say that your ancestor John Hatfield is the son of Jurian Hartsvelder. Have you seen the current research results of the Hatfield DNA project?

It throws considerable doubt into the link between the John and Catherine Supplee Hatfields and Jurian Hartsvelder descendants as originally researched by Drs. Oliver Weaver and Galen Hatfield.

I am a descendant of John Hatfield and Catherine Supplee, as proven by DNA testing. This line is called the "Pennsylvania line" on Jerry Hatfield's website at http://ghat.com/hatfintr.htm#tree

You can see the Hatfield DNA results at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~lesliemac/hatfielddna.htm

Elaine Hatfield Powell
email: Hatwelle@aol.com

Genealem said...

Thank you for this update.