13 May 2009

Family Tree DNA - Y-DNA Upgrade Sale


Family Tree DNA is having a sale to upgrade any Y-DNA tester at a nicely reduced price. As these sales are often rather rare, you may wish to take advantage.

If you have questions as to why you should upgrade, please check the archives for this blog as there are articles on the advantages of testing particular numbers of markers and how they help genealogy.

The following message is from FTDNA regarding the sale. Remember only NEW testers can go through the link on this blog. Otherwise, go to your personal FTDNA pages to order an upgrade:

Dear Administrator,
Over the last several years, due to the unmatched growth of our database, numerous people have confirmed and found new connections with others of their surname, and adoptees and descendants of adoptees have even found their biological surname lines. Are there any other individuals among these adoptees looking for their connection to this direct paternal line?

To help answer that question, Family Tree DNA is offering, for a limited time, a discount on all Y-DNA upgrades! We will notify each participant in the database who qualifies for this offer by e-mail, and will provide them a direct link they may use to take advantage of the upgrade. There will be no need for participants to contact us directly in order to receive the reduced price; our prices have been adjusted in the system accordingly.

The offer will last from May 14th through May 23nd . On average, the
reduced prices will be 25% lower than the standard upgrade price.
This is a great opportunity to increase the data in your project. Are there members who have been hesitant to upgrade due to price? This discount is an opportunity for them to upgrade and help both their group and potential lost relatives at the same time. When encouraging members to upgrade, you may wish to note that genetic matches allow people to find their biological lines, and not necessarily a specific individual.

This promotion is for upgrades only and does not apply to new kit orders. It’s our way to thank past customers for their patronage.

As always, we appreciate your continued support.
Family Tree DNA
Max Blankfeld Vice-President

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