13 December 2013

Family Tree DNA Webinars with Elise Friedman

Family Tree DNA now offers webinars for learning the basics of genetic genealogy. These webinars, conducted by Elise Friedman, are FREE.  Ms. Friedman been doing DNA webinars for a few years through her website Relative Roots

This first webinar’s agenda was a wonderful overview of the basics of using DNA for genealogy and included these points:

What is Genetic Genealogy
Brief History of Genetic Genealogy
DNA Bases and Inheritance
Overiew of Family Tree DNA
Y-chromosome tests
mtDNA tests
autosomal tests Family Tree DNA Projects
More Family Tree DNA Resources
Announcements and Wrap UP
Q & A

The webinar gave clear examples and explanations for using DNA testing to supplement your traditional genealogy.  Ms. Friedman’s presentation provided quality information in a clear and concise manner without a lot of technical jargon.

Her future presentations will focus on the three types of tests: Y-chromosome (Y-DNA), mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and autosomal DNA (atDNA) in the next couple of weeks.  Watch the Family Tree DNA Facebook page for dates and times.

In the near future, Family Tree DNA will have the schedule posted on their site.

Click to view this webinar  for the next few weeks.

Take advantage of this great learning tool and see how DNA testing can help your genealogy.

Wonderful idea Family Tree DNA!!!


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