03 December 2013

23andMe vs. FDA

Over the last week or so there has been a great deal of discussion with the announcement that the FDA is asking 23andMe to "cease and desist".  The genetic genealogy community has been watching all this very carefully.  We are not being alarmists, but cautious. Some of those genetic genealogists are familiar with the workings of the FDA on these matters and some are knowledgeable about 23andMe in general.  There is agreement that we need to move on all this.

I have waited to post about the FDA confronting 23andMe as other bloggers have done a very fine job keeping everyone current, and I wanted to be certain there was movement toward curbing 23andMe.  Now there is.

I realize that some of you may just be on AncestryDNA or Family Tree DNA, but most of you have done 23andMe and perhaps all three.

I know I have recently asked for emails from those who match me and am trying to get everything on 23andMe in order as this FDA project isn't going away.  23andMe has just pulled all their online ads for their affiliate programs.  You know, those links that get you something if someone orders a test through the link on your site.  The middle link tells you what to do for your account.

Anyway, I strongly urge you to read all of the following links from blogger Roberta Estes:

Please ask for emails from all your testers and to share BASIC genomes.  If you match me and we are not sharing emails or BASIC genomes, please send an invitation to do so and send me your email.

ALSO, consider transferring your test results to Family Tree DNA to be in another database for several reasons:
1. You get additional matches and at this site you do not have to invite people as you see their email and names.
2. We just don’t know to what exist the FDA will push their “cease and desist” order.

ALSO, know that 23andMe has had plans to upgrade their chip (at least before all this and they still may once this is resolved).  The new chip is not compatible with Family Tree DNA and with AncestryDNA so to join those groups now may be a good thing.  Family Tree DNA's cost to transfer from either 23andMe or AncestryDNA is on sale for $49 until Dec 31.

Do spread the word.  Altough some of us paid hundreds of dollars for this test while those new to all this paid $99 or got it free through one of the 23andMe programs, none of us want to lose what we have obtained.  

Hope this helps,

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