29 October 2013

National Genographic Sale

National Genographic is having a three-day sale starting today!

Their Geno 2.0 test is regularly $199.95, but currently on sale for $159.95.

You can become a part of a scientific study that is mapping how humans migrated around the globe.  National Genographic, a non-profit organization, uses part of the money from your purchase for research and part for their Legacy Fund which provides grants to indigenous people.

This is a wonderful test for ancient ancestry. It will help reduce the gap between our written genealogy and our ancient ancestry. Not only can you learn how your ancestors moved around the world, but you are compared with various populations to determine which two make up most of your ancestry.  You can also learn if you have any Neanderthal or Denisovan DNA.

This test is very informative for males as they receive a detailed Y-DNA haplogroup which can be transferred to Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) at no cost.  As Family Tree DNA no longer does a Deep Clade SNP test, this is a great substitute.  (FTDNA does do individual SNP testing, however)

Join over a half a million people who have already tested!

See you in the Gene Pool!


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