01 July 2011

Family Tree DNA Announces DNA Heritage Transfers

Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) is now allowing customers from DNA Heritage to transfer their test results to FTDNA.  This option began when DNA Heritage (DNAH) ceased operations on April 19, 2011 and transferred their results to FTDNA. 

Please note that you can only transfer Y-DNA results from DNA Heritage as they used the Sorenson Lab who does not use the same mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) panels that FTDNA uses.

Two Options

FTDNA now allows DNAH customers to transfer their Y-DNA results with two different options.

In the first option, a customer may transfer their DNA Heritage Y-DNA46 marker test to FTDNA free of charge and would be able to join various Projects.  This conversion will have a 25 marker match.  See the FAQ below for more detail.

However, with the second option, a DNAH customer may transfer their Y-DNA46 marker test and for $39 US order FTDNA’s 37 marker test.  Since DNAH’s 46-marker test does not completely coincide with FTDNA’s 37-marker test, purchasing this test is a wise decision on many levels.  As with the first option, you can join various DNA projects, but with the purchase of the 37-marker test, you can match others in the FTDNA database.  You can then purchase any of the Family Tree DNA tests in the future.  See the FAQ below for more detail.

Given that FTDNA focuses on genealogy, has the largest database for genealogists, offers more types of tests than other companies offer, and stores your test sample (DNAH did not store it), $39 for a 37-marker test is a STEAL! Normally one would pay $149!

According to FTDNA’s FAQs, the owner or primary kit manager for a DNAH Y-DNA sample can opt-in using the following link https://www.familytreedna/landing/dna-heritage.aspx.

To request the Y-DNA37 marker test, you will have to submit a DNA sample as DNAH does not store DNA samples.  Of course, by providing a new sample you will have a stored sample for future upgrades.

To see a sample of the FTDNA webpages for individual testers see:
myFTDNA User Guide,

Project Administrators at DNAH

Project Administrators for DNAH will share a project with the FTDNA administrator, if FTDNA has an existing project.  If there is no existing project, the administrator from DNAH can establish one through FTDNA.

This is definately a plus as any administrator needs to have a co-partner to help when one is on vacation, ill, or decides to retire from the job.

To see the administrator pages at FTDNA, check the following:
Check the Group Administrator Pages (GAP) Reference FAQ, http://www.familytreedna.com/faq/answers/default.aspx?faqid=7
Group Administrator Pages (GAP) How To FAQ, http://www.familytreedna.com/faq/answers/default.aspx?faqid=20

In summary

Testers from DNA Heritage may transfer their Y-DNA results to FTDNA.

For a small fee, testers can receive the full benefits offered to all FTDNA customers, which include:
 Sample storage
 Testing upgrades
 Haplogroup predictions
 Project membership
 Availability to the largest database solely for genealogists
 Comparison to the entire database every time FTDNA adds test results to the database.
 Notification of matches via email
 Personal webpages
 No monthly fees

FTDNA and DNAH Administrators will partner if the DNA Project already exists.  If not, a new one will be created.

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