19 April 2011

Family Tree DNA takes over DNAHeritage

DNAHeritage is GONE!

The following message from this URL just crossed my desk and is directly quoted below:


As of April 19 2011, DNA Heritage has ceased its operations and is in the process of transferring the domains DNAHeritage.com and Ybase.org to Family Tree DNA.

All the tests in progress will be processed by our current lab and the results will be delivered to our customers.

In order to ensure the continuity of the existing surname projects Family Tree DNA will study the best options to integrate our customers' results into their database.

Once Family Tree DNA decides on the option(s), our customers will be given the opportunity to opt-in to their database.

If you have questions about the transition or

need to place an order please check:



Geni Grant said...

Can't say that this is good for consumers. Less choice is rarely a good thing.

Genealem said...

Geni Grant...
FYI, DNAHeritage asked to be bought by Family Tree DNA as the owner wished to retire. That's a good thing! He could have just let it die or have gone with a lesser qualified company.