27 September 2010

Family Tree DNA Announcement on Family Finder

Dear Family Tree DNA Customer,

By now you may have already heard of our newest test, which has received substantial exposure in the press: the Family Finder test.

Since several people who have seen the news about this test have approached us for more information, allow me to briefly give you the key elements of the Family Finder test:

You may find relatives on any of your lines within the past 5 generations!

It doesn't matter if you are male or female; your results will be compared to anyone who has taken Family Finder!*

You can test “suspected relatives” including aunts, uncles, parents, half-siblings, or cousins.

By ordering the Family Finder test, you will receive the new Population Finder test at no additional charge.

Population Finder determines the percentages of different ancestries that comprise your genetics by matching your DNA data from the Family Finder test against data from multiple populations from around the world**. Based on your DNA, Population Finder will assign your sample to 1-4 population groups, giving the corresponding percentages of your genetic makeup.

The Family Finder Test lets you:

Bullet Sort your matches by degree of relationships.
Bullet View the names of your matches and communicate via e-mail.
Bullet Share genealogical information with ease.
Bullet See the “location” on your chromosomes where you match and compare your matches with each other!
Bullet Determine the percentages of different ancestries that comprise your genetics by matching your autosomal DNA against data from multiple populations.

Special Note: The Family Finder test requires an untouched vial of DNA. If your kit does not have an extra vial on file, we will mail a collection kit for a new DNA extraction. After ordering you will be notified by email whether we are able to use a stored vial or will be mailing a new collection kit.

*Family Finder results can only be compared with other Family Finder results. The Family Finder test uses autosomal DNA which is different from Y-DNA or mtDNA.

**You will be able to see your basic ethnic makeup, broken down by percentage. This test is based on a comparison of your Family Finder sequences to data collected by population geneticists. Populations studies consist of a number of representative populations including: European, Native American, Asian, African, etc.

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