05 June 2010


Today Family Tree DNA announced their summer sale.

Here is a wonderful time to get your friends and family tested from the oldest, most reliable, customer-service-oriented DNA company existing. Family Tree DNA has the largest database for genealogy testing and was the first company to offer DNA testing to the public, exclusively for the purpose of genealogy.

Order several tests today. Test the surnames on your chart. Take them to your family reunions this summer! Raffle them at your genealogical seminars! Give them as birthday or father's day presents! What better way to honor someone than to ask them to leave a bit of themselves behind forever!

The test will keep for months, even years, if you do not have it near heat (Don't leave it in the trunk of your car as you travel to that reunion!) Having tests on-hand allows you to swab a relative at a moments notice in less than five minutes*; no chance for them to back down or put it aside.

The sale begins today June 5, 2010 and will end June 25, 2010. Kits much be paid by June 30, 2010. A credit card at the time of the order is considered on-time payment. If you order on invoice be sure your payment reaches the office in Houston before June 30th.

The following tests are on sale:

The Y-DNA 37 marker test is now $119 (Reg $149)
The Y-DNA 67 marker test is now $199 (Reg @239)
The Y-DNA 37+mtDNA test is now $159 (This combined test would cost $238)

Anyone can order by clicking on the FTDNA icon on this blog. If you do not find a surname project for your name, join the society project I have created that will take any tester. You do not have to be a member of the society, and by being in my project, I can help you understand your test results. ALSO, you can join any relevant project in the future at the click of a button and at no cost so you do not have to remain in my society project.

The steps to order via my blog:

1. Click on the icon in the lower right of this blog.
2. Where it says SEARCH on the right side of the FTDNA homepage, type in Genealogical Forum (GFO may work, also) ...or you can type in your male tester's surname to locate an existing project for our surname. If there is none, use the GFO one.
3. On the next page, click on the GFO project or the appropriate surname project
4. Complete the form and scorll to the bottom of the page to click JOIN.

Join the exciting world of genetic genealogy!

Email me at aulicino@hevanet.com if you have questions or do not see the icon on this page.

*To take a DNA test in five minutes or less follow these steps.
(This works and is done at conferences.)

1. Do not have anything to eat or drink an hour before taking the test.
2. Use one swab to scrape the inside of one cheek in long up and down motions for a minute.
3. Firmly push the plunger-like handle to release the cotton brush into the vial and close the cap (Be careful not to spill the liquid inside).
4. Use the next swab for the other cheek and the third for the roof of your mouth.
5. Sign the green form to allow people who match you to see that they match. Enclose payment if you didn't order with your credit card.
6. Mail the samples to FTDNA in the enclosed envelop.

The hardest part is waiting 5-6 weeks for the results!

Have fun,

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