25 January 2009

Full Sequence Genome for mtDNA on Sale

If you have tested your mtDNA and are in the U Haplogroup, you are eligible for the following sale on the full sequence genome; that is, the entire 16,568 markers in the mitochondria. It was not that long ago that this test cost $995, and has been reduced a few times. The $331 sale price is for an upgrade only. This means you have had to tested the HVR1 or HVR2 with Family Tree DNA to get this price.

The full sequence if you have not tested is $449.

The time frame is limited so order before February 6. Below is the message just sent to members of the U haplogroup.

This offer is being made for a couple of reasons.

1. It is known that in some cases the haplogroup subgroups found when testing the HVR1 do not correlate when the entire mitochondria is tested. For example: I tested my HVR1 and HVR2 and was given the haplogroup of U5a1a. After testing my full mitochondria I became a U5a1*. The asterisk means more data is needed to accurately predict the rest of the subgroups. At this point it does not totally mean I am not a U5a1a, but that more data is really needed to be sure.

2. More data is needed to compile an accurate set of subgroups for haplogroup U. Ten-thousand is not enough, even if it does sound like a lot. There could be many, many subgroups; therefore, much more test data is needed to have enough samples to clearly indicate all the subgroups.

For these reasons and FTDNA’s desire to continually refine the data to provide closer matches to participants, if you are in haplogroup U and have wanted to upgrade to the only test remaining on the all female line of your DNA, this is a great advantage in cost.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to email me or Family Tree DNA.

Family Tree DNA wrote:

Of all the mtDNA results in the Family Tree DNA database, nearly 12% belong to haplogroup U. This represents about 10,000 people whose maternal lineage belongs to this branch of the mtDNA tree of mankind.

Haplogroup U's phylogeny (its family tree) has evolved greatly since the earliest research, in which subgroups were assigned based only the HVR1 sequence. Research into haplogroups and their branches now uses the full sequence mtDNA. The progress towards a complete haplogroup U tree awaits only a broad enough collection of full sequence mtDNA tests.

In order to lend a hand to the research community and to the community of customers interested in their deep ancestral origins, Family Tree DNA is offering a temporary discount on the upgrade from HVR1 or HVR2 results to the full sequence (Mega) test for members of haplogroup U. From today through Friday, February 6th, haplogroup U members may upgrade to the full sequence test for $331.

This sale price is automatically offered to you in your upgrade options. To order, log in to your Family Tree DNA account and click "Order Tests & Upgrades." Next, click "Standard Orders" and select "mtHVR1toMega” or “mtHVR2toMega" from the dropdown order menu. Then click "Continue" to proceed to the payment screen and complete your order.

Family Tree DNA
Best Regards
Bennett Greenspan

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