23 December 2008

National Genographic DNA Project Sale

The National Geographic Society just sent me the following email. They are reducing their testing price until January 2nd.

You may know your family’s ROOTS, but do you know your family’s ROUTES? As an important blogger for avid genealogists, we would like to extend a special holiday discount on our Genographic Project Public Participation Kits for you to share with your readers. Many readers of your blog know about their recent genealogy, but do they know about their deep ancestry? This holiday season tell them how they can give their family and friends the chance to join the Genographic Project – a real-time research initiative that uses DNA as a study tool to find out about their deep ancestry.

Have them visit: https://genographic.nationalgeographic.com/genographic/lan/en/participate.html The kit normally sells for $100 (+shipping and handling), but a special discount code GKHOL08 at checkout takes $10 off the price (valid through January 2, 2009). After sending in DNA with a painless cheek swab, interactive results are delivered anonymously online and detail a personal treasure 'map' of an ancient journey - starting at the cradle of humanity, in Africa, approximately 60,000 years ago. Participating is also a way of ‘giving back’ this holiday season.

Proceeds from the sales of the participation kits go directly to the Genographic Legacy Fund, which supports indigenous and traditional peoples community-led projects aiming to revitalize their languages and cultures. As well, at no additional cost, participants can upload their results to FamilyTreeDNA and participate in surname projects, geographic projects, and DNA marker matches. The Genographic Project seeks to chart new knowledge about the migratory history of the human species and answer age-old questions surrounding the genetic diversity of humanity. The project is a nonprofit, global research partnership of National Geographic and IBM with field support by the Waitt Family Foundation. The three core components of the project are: Field Research, Public Participation and the Legacy Fund. Our website and kits are now available in English, Spanish, French and German! Visit our website, http://nationalgeographic.com/genographic, to learn more about the project and read about some of the exciting new studies being published through the Genographic Consortium, happening as a direct result of project participation worldwide! If you have any questions or are interested in highlighting the Genographic Project Public Participation Kit this holiday season, please do not hesitate to visit our website at www.nationalgeographic.com/genographic

For more information contact: genographic@ngs.org or phone: 202-857-7777

Please find attached a copy of our holiday discount promotional email.

Lindsey K. Larson

The attached hoiday discount promotional:

Join the more than 300,000 individuals who are discovering their deep ancestry and adding their own leaves to the human family tree.National Geographic and IBM's Genographic Project invites you and your family to take part in an exciting real-time research initiative — using DNA as a study tool — to find out the path of your deep ancestry.

This holiday season, 'give back' while discovering something about your family's ancient migratory routes. The purchase of a Genographic Project Public Participation Kit directly supports the Genographic Legacy Fund, providing grants to indigenous and traditional communities with community-led projects seeking to preserve their culture and language.As a special Genographic Project holiday offer*, click here to order a kit. Use code GKHOL08 at check out to receive $10 off your Genographic Kit. Now available in English, Spanish, French and German. Offer ends January 2, 2009.

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