04 October 2008

Family Tree DNA Reduces Prices

Family Tree DNA recently offered a sale on many of their tests for genealogy, and now that the sale is over, they have reduced their prices in all categories for Ydna (all male line)testing and for mtDNA (all female line) testing. The prices are not quite the sale price, but are still a very nice reduction. The upgrades from one test to another were not reduced, however.

The new prices are as follows. I have also added a chart to show you which set of markers determines what likely time frame for a common ancestor with any match you find:

DNA TMRCA (Time to the Most Recent Common Ancestor) and Costs:
The following gives a mathematical probability to the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA)

12 marker Ydna test tells you only about your most ancient ancestry....over 600 yrs ago and before surnames. The Genographic Project uses only the 12 marker for males as they are only interested in tracking the migration pattern of our most ancient ancestors. Their project is an anthropological study; not a genealogical one, but in time their data will help us.

25 marker match gives you a 95% probability of having a common ancestor within the last 600 yrs.

37 marker match gives you a 95% probability of having a common ancestor within the last 300 yrs.

67 marker match gives you a 95% probability of having a common ancestor within the last 150-200 yrs.

Prices: (Group rates only listed here. Add $4 for shipping in US; $6 in rest of the world)
12 marker: $99
25 marker: $124
37 marker: $149
67 marker: $248

If you are interested in mtDNA
mtDNA (includes only HVR1) (lowest test) $99
mtDNA Plus (includes HVR1 and HVR2) $149
Full Sequence: $449 (entire mitochondrial DNA)

Combination Ydna and mtDNA (for men only)12 marker Ydna + mtDNA $179
25 marker Ydna + mtDNA Plus $253
37 marker Ydna + mtDNA Plus $278
67 marker Ydna + mtDNA Plus $377

UPGRADES (No cost for shipping and handling)
12 to 25 marker: $59
12 to 37 marker: $109
12 to 67 marker: $199

25 to 37 marker: $59
25 to 67 marker: $159

37 to 67 marker: $99

To order a DNA test and receive the reduced price through this blog...

1. Go to: http://genealem-geneticgenealogy.blogspot.com/
2. Go to the bottom right and click on the FTDNA icon.
3. Where it says SEARCH on the right side, type in GFO (or your surname for male testers, if there is an established project at FTDNA for that surname.)
4. On the next page, click on GFO (or the appropriate surname, if there is a current project.)
5. Complete the form. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on JOIN.

Email me if you have questions before you order your test.

IF you do not see the FTDNA icon on the right of this blog, email me directly at: aulicino@hevanet.com

©aulicino, 4 Oct 2008

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